Foodman at White Hotel 25th April 2022

Wow. A lot can happen in 5 years. I’m paying taxes, my hairline is receding and I’m still not famous. Why it reminds me of the Google translated words of one Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr: the more things change the more they remain the same. Backseat philosophy aside; sit back, relax and enjoy this humble Gen Z-ers first ever electronic gig!

First off, White Hotel feels like a building from another era. Being immersed once more in the hue of its dimly lit cubic rooms was a real throwback – circa the Antwerp Mansion period of my life for those in the know.

Let’s talk support! Industries; acres of electronic space, sparse textures, a soundtrack for introspection. Atmosphere was the name of the game, and while the soothing hiss of his compositions doesn’t lend itself to my music graduate brain’s desire for excessive analysis, it was most enjoyable none-the-less, a fitting preparation for what was to come.

Foodman. What a knockout performance. Being in the admittedly intimate crowd felt like we’d stumbled onto something special – soul shaking grooves, perfectly manipulated to stir your inner savage, in the best possible way. I honestly can’t recall a time where I’ve danced as much, or as hard. Having heard his 2021 album “Yasuragi Land”, and found a compelling, innovative and at time downright bizarre combination of sounds, I was caught somewhat off-guard by his ability to route his style through an intensity perfect for the space he was in. Album STRONGLY recommended, by the way. “Michi No Eki” and “Parking Area” are my favourites/suggestions for entry tunes to entice you in. His voice, from a compositional perspective, manages uniqueness in a frankly saturated market. His energy on stage, was that of someone truly in love with what they were doing. And for the nay sayers “where’s the instruments?” in the audience, every bloop, every beat felt just as enthused with his passion as watching Buck Meek tear that guitar solo in Big Thief’s “Masterpiece”.

Grey sky’s loom, and so my introspection bursts forth. The thoughts stirring? Humble appreciation of the ability to just waltz down a back alley in Salford and find myself one immersed in one of the most vibrantly exciting nights of music I’ve experienced in Manchester. And best of all? Finished by 10. I think I like this responsible raving malarkey! Please go check him out, you can thank me later.


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